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Wales Crown Prince of Albion

Wales, Crown Prince of Albion was the son of James of Albion and the last crown prince of Albion.

Early life

Wales was born to king James of Albion.

Heir apparent

As James's son, Wales was heir apparent to the throne of Albion.

He was killed by Jean-Jacques, Viscount of Wardes, secretly a member of the Reconquista, before the Battle of Newcastle in the Albionian Civil War.[1]

Personal life

Wales was secretly in a relationship with Princess Henrietta of Tristain until his assassination.[2]

Titles, styles, honors and arms

Titles and styles

  • His Royal Highness The Crown Prince


Wales is a descendant of Brimir through the House of Tudor. His father James of Albion was the elder brother of Henry of Tristain, making him Henrietta of Tristain's first cousin. He was also the first cousin of Tiffania Westwood, an illegitimate daughter of James and Henry's younger brother through an elvish mistress.


Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. His name may come from the fact that the heir apparent of the United Kingdom is titled the Prince of Wales.


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