The Kingdom of Tristain is a sovereign state in western Halkeginia. Tristain shares a land border with Gallia to the southeast and Germania to the northwest. Across the sea is Albion.


Tristain traces its royal house to a son of Brimir.


The area of Tristain is approximately that of Belgium and the Netherlands combined.

Tristain is a buffer state between Gallia and Germania. On its border with Gallia is the Lac d'Orient.



Tristain is a monarchy, in which the monarch exercises considerable authority. However, the monarch is limited by the nobility. The current queen is Henrietta, who succeeded Marianne upon her abdication.

Foreign relations

Tristain was due to enter an alliance with Germania with the marriage of then-Princess Henrietta to Albert III, Germanian Emperor. However, the marriage was canceled when Germania did not come to aid during the Albionian invasion of Tristain.

The House of Tudor, the former royal house of Albion, was related to the royal house of Tristain. The last king of Albion James was Henry of Tristain's elder brother. Henry was a prince of Albion who married into the royal house of Tristain through Marianne.


Tristain is militarily weak. It has a national army and an army fielded by the nobility.


The region of Des Ornières is known for its viticulture and winemaking.



Tristain has a smaller population than Gallia. The nobility constitutes approximately ten percent of the population.

Ethnic groups

Tristanians trace their ancestry to Brimir's tribe. However, only the nobility might descend from Brimir's tribe.

There was a population of Albionian émigré in D'Angleterre, who immigrated to Tristain a few centuries prior.[1]


Tristanian is close to Gallian.


Most Tristanians follow Brimir's religion, led by the pope. A sect in D'Angleterre followed a heterodoxical variant.


The society of Tristain is divided into social classes: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.


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