The Familiar of Zero

Sheffield Mjöðvitnir

Sheffield was Mjöðvitnir, the void familiar of Joseph of Gallia.

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about her early life. She is known to have originated outside of Halkeginia.

Military careerEdit

She worked clandestinely to cause turmoil in Halkeginia in Joseph's bidding.

Albionian Civil WarEdit

Main article: Albionian Civil War

She sided with the Reconquista to overthrow the Albionian monarchy.

Invasion of AlbionEdit

Main article: Invasion of Albion

She worked against the alliance of Tristain and Germania during the invasion of Albion. Joseph made a non-aggression pact with Albion. However, he betrayed the Reconquista by siding with the alliance.

Invasion of RomaliaEdit

Main article: Gallian Civil War

Joseph invaded Romalia. However, the invasion spilled back into Gallia, which became a civil war between the Legitimists and the Orléanists. Joseph and Sheffield died in this conflict.


She may be named after the English city of Sheffield or the Baron or Earl of Sheffield.


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