The Familiar of Zero

Sasaki Takeo Siesta's great-grandfather

Sasaki Takeo (Japanese: 佐々木 武雄 Sasaki Takeo) is a World War II Japanese navy pilot and Siesta's great-grandfather.

Sasaki came to Tarbes during World War II on a Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" fighter aircraft, which the local inhabitants called the Dragon's Raiment. After failing to fly the aircraft, he finally settled down in Tarbes and paid a noble to preserve the aircraft.[1] He left a will leaving whoever that could read his tombstone with the Zero fighter. He set up a family and died in Tarbes. Siesta's father wished for Hiraga Saito to settle in Tarbes because he was from the same country as Sasaki.[2]

Sasaki passed down a recipe for yosenabe, now a specialty in Tarbes, to Siesta.[1]


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