The Familiar of Zero

Matilda of South Gotha Fouquet
Japanese voice: Kimura Akiko

Matilda of South Gotha is the daughter of an Archduke of Albion's vassal.

Early life

Matilda is the daughter of an Archduke of Albion's vassal. Her father served Tiffania's father, who administered South Gotha.

The Archduke of Albion kept an Elvish mistress and had a daughter, whose location he kept secret from his brother James, King of Albion. He sent his mistress and daughter to his vassal's home for their safety. When their location was made known, Tiffania's mother and Matilda's father were found and killed.[1] Matilda's father's land was then confiscated.[2]

Criminal career

Matilda moved to Tristain and began stealing from the nobility. She used a pseudonym Fouquet to hide her identity.[3] Her modus operandi was to stealthy infiltration by magically transmuting doors and walls to dust. She also left a note at each scene.[4]

Tristanian Academy of Magic

During her criminal career, she served as secretary at the Tristanian Academy of Magic under the pseudonym Longueville. She stole a treasure from the Tristanian Academy of Magic; although the treasure was protected by magic stronger than hers, Louise de La Vallière broke the magic intending to aim at Fouquet. Fouquet took advantage of the situation and took the treasure.[4]

After the theft, Louise de La Vallière, Hiraga Saito, Kirche von Anhalt-Zerbst, and Tabitha volunteered to catch Fouquet. Longueville accompanied them and later attacked the party. However, Saito was able to defeat Fouquet and apprehend her.[5]

Military career

In prison, Matilda was visited by Jean-Jacques, Viscount of Wardes, who was a member of the Reconquista. He offered her to join the Reconquista, which was warring against the royalists in Albion and planned to conquer the Holy Land from the elves.[6] Her first assignment was to detain Hiraga Saito from protecting Louise de La Vallière. She was later introduced to the nominal leader of the Reconquista Oliver Cromwell by Wardes.

After the failed Albionian invasion of Tristain and the successful Tristanian invasion of Albion, Reconquista was defeated. Matilda, however, stayed with Wardes after the war.

Personal life

Matilda is a friend of Tiffania Westwood, her father having given Tiffania a home as a child.


Matilda is former Albionian nobility. Her father was an Archduke of Albion's vassal.


Matilda is a name of Germanic origin, derived from Old High German or Gothic maht ("might") and hild ("battle"). Fouquet may have been named after Nicolas Fouquet, the Superintendent of Finances under Louis XIV of France. Longueville may have been named after Longueville, a county and later duchy in France.


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