A Duet of RecollectionA Holiday in TristaniaAgnès de Milan
Albert III, Germanian EmperorAlbionAlbion of the Wind
Albionian Civil WarAlbionian languageAlbionian people
Archduke of AlbionBrimirCalendar
Cardinal MazarinCattleya de La FontaineCharles, Duke of Orléans
Charlotte of GalliaChevreuseCount of Burgundy
Count of GramontCounty of BurgundyCounty of Gramont
DerfflingerDes OrnièresDuchess of Orléans
Duchy of La VallièreDuchy of MarcillacDuchy of Orléans
Duke of La VallièreDuke of MarcillacFamily tree
GalliaGallian Civil WarGallian language
Gallian peopleGandálfrGermania
Germanian languageGermanian peopleGiulio Cesare
Grand Duchy of GuldenhorfGrand Duke of GuldenhorfGuiche de Gramont
Henrietta of TristainHenry III of TristainHenry of Tristain
Hiraga SaitoHoly LandHoly Land from Ancient Times
House of Anhalt-ZerbstHouse of BurgundyHouse of Gramont
House of GuldenhorfHouse of La VallièreHouse of Maillart
House of MarcillacHouse of MartelHouse of Montmorency
House of OrléansHouse of TudorHélène
Invasion of AlbionInvasion of GalliaInvasion of Tristain
James of AlbionJean-Jacques, Viscount of WardesJean Colbert
JessicaJoseph of GalliaJosette of Gallia
JulienJulius, Romalian EmperorJérôme
Karin, Duchess of La VallièreKirche von Anhalt-ZerbstKnight Princess of the Wind
Knight Princess of the Wind, Volume 1Knight Princess of the Wind, Volume 2Labyrinth of Oblivion
LondiniumLouise de La VallièreLutèce
LífþrasirMagiMain Page
Marianne of TristainMarteauMatilda of South Gotha
Maximilian von Anhalt-ZerbstMiðgarðrMjöðvitnir
Montmorency de MontmorencyNiðavellirOliver Cromwell
PercerinPhilip III of TristainPope
Pope VictorPrincess Beatrice of GuldenhorfPrincess Isabella of Gallia
ReconquistaRichemontRobespierre III of Gallia
RomaliaRomalia (city)Romalian language
Romalian peopleRoyal house of TristainSaffron, Duke of La Vallière
Sasaki TakeoSasaki familySasha
SiestaSocial classSpirit Stone of Destruction
Tabitha's AdventureTabitha's Adventure, Volume 1Tabitha's Adventure, Volume 2
Tabitha's Adventure, Volume 3The Ball of Twin MoonsThe Fairies' Holiday
The Familiar of ZeroThe Familiar of Zero: Futatsuki no KishiThe Familiar of Zero: Princesses no Rondo
The Familiar of Zero (anime)The Familiar of Zero (light novel)The Familiar of Zero F
The Founder's Prayer BookThe Founder's Round MirrorThe Hero of Ivaldi
The Ruby of AtonementThe Saint of AquileiaThe Serenade of Nostalgia
The Silver PentecostThe Soeur of DawnThe Tranquility of Des Ornières
The Water Spirit of OathThe World Door of the Holy CountryTiffania Westwood
TristainTristaniaTristanian Academy of Magic
Tristanian languageTristanian peopleTurenne
VindálfrVittoriaWales, Crown Prince of Albion
Éléonore de La Vallière
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