Henrietta of Tristain Queen of Tristain
Japanese voice: Kawasumi Ayako

Henrietta is the current Queen of Tristain.

Early lifeEdit

Henrietta is the only daughter of Henry and Marianne of Tristain, making her the only granddaughter of Philip the Great.

Heiress presumptiveEdit

As Henry and Marianne's only child, Henrietta was heir presumptive to the throne of Tristain. Henry and Marianne were coregents; however, Marianne did not exercise power during her marriage to Henry. After Henry's death, Marianne briefly became queen regnant.

During Marianne's sole reign, Henrietta was engaged to Albert III, Germanian Emperor to promote an alliance between Tristain and Germania against Albion.[1] When Albion invaded Tristain at Tarbes, however, Germania did not lend aid, breaking the engagement.



Marianne abdicated in favor of Henrietta following Tristanian victory at Tarbes.[2]

Invasion of AlbionEdit

After accession, Henrietta made preparations to invade Albion. Prior to the invasion, Henrietta uncovered Albionian conspiracy, resulting in the death of minister Richemont.[3]

A combined 60,000 Tristanian and Germanian soldiers sailed out to Albion from La Rochelle.[4] Tristain and Germania captured South Gotha, after which Albion agreed to a temporarily truce.[5][6] At the end of the truce, Albion had bewitched some Tristanian and Germanian soldiers to mutiny, while marching onto South Gotha with 70,000 soldiers.[7][8] Louise de La Vallière was ordered to fight the enemy until the end, while Tristanian and Germanian forces were to withdraw. However, Hiraga Saito fought in her stead, allowing a safe retreat. Then, during the retreat, Gallia joined the side of Tristain and Germania, defeating Albion.[9]

Personal lifeEdit

Henrietta was secretly in a relationship with Wales, Crown Prince of Albion until his assassination.[10] She was engaged to Albert III, Germanian Emperor, but the engagement was broken when he did not come to her aid during Albion's invasion of Tristain.

Titles, styles, honors and armsEdit

Titles and stylesEdit

  • Her Royal Highness Princess Henrietta
  • Her Majesty The Queen


Henrietta is a descendant of Brimir through the royal houses of Tristain and Albion. Through her father Henry of Tristain, she is a member of the royal house of Albion, making her James of Albion's niece and Wales, Crown Prince of Albion's first cousin. She is also the first cousin of Tiffania Westwood, an illegitimate daughter of James and Henry's younger brother through an elvish mistress. Through her mother Marianne of Tristain, she is the granddaughter of Philip the Great and a distant cousin of Louise de La Vallière, who is a member of the royal house's cadet branch House of La Vallière.


Henrietta may be named after Princess Henrietta of England, the daughter of Charles I of England and wife of Philippe I, Duke of Orléans.


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