Guiche de Gramont Earth mage

Guiche de Gramont is a character from The Familiar of Zero.

Early life

Guiche was born to the Count of Gramont as his fourth son. He has three older brothers.


Guiche is enrolled in the Tristanian Academy of Magic as an earth mage.

Military career


During the invasion of Albion, Guiche was drafted into the army. Due to shortage of manpower, he was made into an officer.

Ondine Knights

Henrietta commissioned Guiche to reestablish the Ondine Knights. Guiche became the captain, while Hiraga Saito became the lieutenant.

Personal life

Guiche is in a tenuous relationship with Montmorency de Montmorency.


Guiche is the fourth son of the Count of Gramont, making him a member of the House of Gramont.

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