The Kingdom of Gallia is a sovereign state in western Halkeginia. Gallia shares a land border with Tristain to the northeast, Germania to the west, and Romalia to the south. Across the sea is Albion.


Gallia traces its royal family to a son of Brimir.


The area of Gallia is approximately ten times the size of Tristain.[1]

Tristain is a buffer state between Gallia and Germania. On its border with Tristain is the Lac d'Orient.



Gallia is a monarchy, in which the monarch exercises considerable authority. The current queen is Josette, who is impersonating the rightful queen and her twin sister Charlotte. Charlotte and Josette are the nieces of the previous king Joseph.

The current royal house, the House of Orléans, is a cadet branch of the House of Martel. It came into power when the last heiress of Martel, Princess Isabella renounced her claim to the throne after her father's death.

Foreign relationsEdit

During Joseph's reign, Gallia enter a non-aggression pact with the Reconquista-governed Albion. However, it broke the pact in favor the allied Tristanian and Germanian forces in the invasion of Albion.


Gallia is militarily strong. It also has a large noble population.


Gallia's capital Lutèce is the largest city in Halkeginia.



Gallia has a population of approximately 15 million, the highest in Halkeginia. It has a large population of nobility. Its capital Lutèce is the largest city in Halkeginia.[2]

Ethnic groupsEdit

Gallians trace their ancestry to Brimir's tribe. However, only the nobility might descend from Brimir's tribe.

Gallians are linguistically and ethnically related to Tristanians.


Gallian is close to Tristanian.


Most Gallians follow Brimir's religion, led by the pope.


The society of Gallia is divided into social classes: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.


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