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Brimir The Founder

Brimir was the first void mage, the founder of Halkeginia, and the ancestor of the royal houses of Albion, Gallia, and Tristain.


Brimir's full name is Brimir Ru Rumiru Yuru Viri Vee Varutori.[1] Brimir is commonly referred to as the Founder or Brimir the Founder. He called himself Brimir of Niðavellir or Brimir Ru Rumiru Niðavellir.[2]


Early lifeEdit

Brimir lived approximately 6,000 years ago in what is now called the Holy Land.[3] He made Sasha, an elf, his familiar and used void magic to defend his tribe from the Varyags.[4]

Later lifeEdit

After his tribe was expelled from the Holy Land, Brimir attempted to repel the elves from the land.


Brimir was killed by Sasha, his familiar.


Physical appearanceEdit

Brimir was described as short and having blond hair.[2]


Brimir passed down four treasures and four rings through his children and his disciple. The four treasures were the Founder's prayer book, the Founder's censer, the Founder's music box, and the Founder's round mirror. The four rings were the ruby of water, the ruby of earth, the ruby of wind, and the ruby of fire. They were held by his heirs in Tristain, Gallia, Albion, and Romalia, respectively.[5][6]

Religious viewsEdit

Halkeginian viewsEdit

Brimir is venerated as the most important figure in the religion of Halkeginia. Brimir is viewed as the founder of Halkeginia and the ancestor of the royal houses of Albion, Gallia, and Tristain. Romalia traces its foundation to a disciple of Brimir. Brimir is asked for intercession in prayer, and the his birth is celebrated as a holiday.[7]

Elvish viewsEdit

Elves view Brimir as the Devil.

Personal lifeEdit

Brimir had four familiars, Gandálfr (Sasha), Vindálfr, Mjöðvitnir, and Lífþrasir, three children, and a disciple.


His three children founded the kingdoms of Albion, Gallia, and Tristain. His progeny include the former royal house of Albion the House of Tudor, the former royal house of Gallia the House of Martel, its cadet branch and the current royal house of Gallia the House of Orléans, the royal house of Tristain, and its cadet branch the House of La Vallière.


Brimir is another name of Ymir, a jötunn in Norse mythology. Niðavellir is one of the nine worlds and home of the dvergr.


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