The Kingdom of Albion is a sovereign state in northern Halkeginia. Albion is across the sea from Gallia and Germania. Its capital is Londinium.


Albion traces its royal family to a son of Brimir.


Albion is a floating island above of sea north of Halkeginia, smaller than Gallia and Germania. After the Tristanian invasion of Albion, Albion ceded large areas of land to Tristain and Germania.

Due to its high latitude and altitude, Albion has a cooler climate than continental Halkeginia.



Albion was a monarchy, in which the monarch exercises considerable authority. The last king was James, who died in Reconquista's revolution against the monarchy. James's son and heir Wales was also killed by Jean-Jacques Francis, Viscount of Wardes, a member of Reconquista.

The last royal house was the House of Tudor. The house went extinct in the male person with the deaths of Henry of Tristain, James of Albion, and Wales, Crown Prince of Albion. Queen Henrietta of Tristain is the last member of the House of Tudor through her family Henry.

After Reconquista's revolution, Albion became an aristocratic oligarchy, with Oliver Cromwell as emperor. However, it was referred to as a holy republic. After the defeat of Reconquista, the monarchy was restored in an Albionian rump state. The Tristanian Duke of Marcillac was nominated as king.[1]

Foreign relations

During Joseph's reign, Gallia enter a non-aggression pact with the Reconquista-governed Albion. However, it broke the pact in favor the allied Tristanian and Germanian forces in the invasion of Albion.

In post-Reconquista Albion, Gallia and Germania each nominated an advisor to the King to protect their interests.


After the royalist army was defeated, the Reconquista army was integrated into the Albionian army.


As a floating island, Albion has ports that link it to continental Halkeginia.



Albion has a smaller population than Gallia or Germania.

Ethnic groups

Albionians trace their ancestry to Brimir's tribe. However, only the nobility might descend from Brimir's tribe.


Albionian may descend from Brimir's language.


Most Albionians follow Brimir's religion, led by the pope.


The society of Albion is divided into social classes: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners.


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