The Familiar of Zero

Éléonore de La Vallière

Éléonore de La Vallière is the eldest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of La Vallière and a sister of Louise de La Vallière.

Early lifeEdit

Éléonore is the eldest daughter of the Duke of La Vallière and Karin, Duchess of La Vallière. Her father is the head of the House of La Vallière, whose home, the Duchy of La Vallière, is in northeastern Tristain.[1]

Academic careerEdit

Éléonore is a researcher of magic. She has a colleague named Valérie.

Personal lifeEdit

Éléonore was engaged to the Count of Burgundy. The engagement was canceled due to her abuse on the count.


Éléonore is a descendant of Brimir through the royal house of Tristain, more specifically its cadet branch House of La Vallière. She is a distant cousin of Henrietta, the current Queen of Tristain.


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