Tabitha's Adventure
Tabitha's Adventure, Volume 1
Volume 1
Author Yamaguchi Noboru
Original title タバサの冒険
Tabasa no Bōken
Illustrator Usatsuka Eiji
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Genre Fantasy
Publisher MF Bunko J
Media type Print
No. of books 3

Tabitha's Adventure is a side story series of The Familiar of Zero featuring Tabitha.


# Title Publisher Date Genre ISBN
1 Tabitha's Adventure
MF Bunko JOctober 25, 2006FantasyISBN 4-8401-1726-8
2 Tabitha's Adventure, Volume 2
MF Bunko JOctober 25, 2007FantasyISBN 978-4-8401-2058-6
3 Tabitha's Adventure, Volume 3
MF Bunko JMarch 25, 2009FantasyISBN 978-4-8401-2727-1
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