Siesta Maid

Siesta was a maid at the Tristanian Academy of Magic. She is currently Hiraga Saito's personal maid.

Early lifeEdit

Siesta is the eldest of eight siblings. Her brother Julien is about two to three years younger than her.


Tristanian Academy of MagicEdit

By the age of seventeen, Siesta was employed as a maid at the Tristanian Academy of Magic.

Hiraga SaitoEdit

When Hiraga Saito was knighted, Henrietta of Tristain hired Siesta as his personal maid.

Personal lifeEdit

Siesta is in love with Hiraga Saito, currently her employer.


As a commoner, Siesta is not known to be a descendant of Brimir. Sasaki Takeo, a World War II-era Japanese navy pilot, is her great-grandfather on her father's side. Through her mother, she is the niece of Scarron and first cousin of his daughter Jessica.


Siesta may be named after siesta, a Spanish word for a short afternoon nap.


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