Romalians are an ethnic group in southern Halkeginia.


Romalians are descended from the Magi, a tribe from Niðavellir, in what is now called the Holy Land. Around six thousand years ago, the Magi migrated to Halkeginia after being displaced by the Varyags and the elves. It is unknown if Halkeginia already had an indigenous population, or if the Magi intermarried with any.

Geographic distributionEdit

Romalians mostly reside in Romalia in southern Halkeginia. They compose the majority of the population of Romalia. Although they originated from the Holy Land, there is no currently remaining Romalian population.



Romalians speak Romalian, which is related to Gallian, Tristanian, and Albionian.


Most Romalians practice Brimir's religion, in which he is venerated as its founder. The religion is closely intertwined with magic.

A minority practice a new religion which rejects the authority of the pope.


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