The Holy Romalian Empire is a sovereign state in southern Halkeginia. Romalia shares a land border with Gallia to the north.


Romalia was founded by a disciple of Brimir. In the beginning, Romalia was a single city-state. Romalia expanded as it annexed neighboring city-states. During emperor Giulio Cesare's time, it conquered half of Gallia, but it was soon expelled from the land.[1]


Romalia is located south of Gallia on the Ausonian Peninsula.[1]


Romalia is a collection of city-states centered on the city of Romalia. Regions of Romalia went through a cycle of rebellion and reannexation; as a result, the regions developed distinctive indentities from Romalia.[1]


Romalia is an elective monarchy, in which the monarch exercises considerable authority. The aristocracy consists of the clergy.[1]

Foreign relations

Romalia was expelled from Gallia after making territorial gains. Rebellions in its annexed regions made Romalia weak militarily.

However, due to its status as a theocratic state, it has become a center of Brimir's religion that's practiced in the rest of Halkeginia.[1]


The Knights Templar constituted the military of Romalia. Others were not permitted to carry arms when entering the city.[1]


Romalia is a center of pilgrimage for followers of Brimir's religion.[1]



Many inhabitants of Romalia are poor, while the clergy is rich.[1]

Ethnic groups

Romalians trace their ancestry to Brimir's tribe. However, only the nobility might descend from Brimir's tribe.[1]


Romalian may descend from Brimir's language.


Most Romalians follow Brimir's religion, led by the pope.[1]


The society of Tristain is divided into social classes: the clergy–nobility, and the commoners.


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