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Oliver Cromwell Emperor of Albion

Oliver Cromwell was the leader of Reconquista and the first emperor of the Holy Albionian Republic.

Early lifeEdit

Cromwell was born a commoner.

Clerical careerEdit

He was a priest in Albion.

Military careerEdit

He was the commander of Reconquista.

Albionian Civil WarEdit

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The Reconquista destroyed the Albionian royal family.

Invasion of TristainEdit

Main article: Invasion of Tristain

The Albionian invasion of Tristain failed.

Invasion of AlbionEdit

Main article: Invasion of Albion

Cromwell died when Gallia joined the war against Albion.[1]


He paradoxically reigned as the first and only emperor of the Holy Albionian Republic.


He is named after Oliver Cromwell, a Puritan Roundhead in the New Model Army during the English Civil War, and later Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.


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