The Magi were an ethnic group in the Holy Land.


The Magi were the tribe of Brimir, the founder of the religion of Halkeginia and the ancestor of the royal houses of Albion, Gallia, and Tristain. They were under a constant attack from the Varyags.

It is unknown if Halkeginia had an indigenous population before the Magi had emigrated there. Thus, it is uncertain if the contemporary population of Halkeginia is entirely of Magian origin, is an admixture of indigenous and Magian origin, or if only the ruling elite is of Magian origin.

Geographic distributionEdit

The Magi resided in Niðavellir, a village in the Holy Land. They were later expelled from the Holy Land by the elves and emigrated to Halkeginia.[1]



The language of the Magi is unattested. However, it is probable that they spoken an ancestral form of Albionian, Gallian, Romalian, and Tristanian.


The religion of the Magi is unknown. However, they did not venerate Brimir, as he had not yet founded the religion of Halkeginia.


They are based on the Magi, a term used to denote followers of Zoroastrianism or Zoroaster.


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